Aunt Vickie

My Aunt Vickie is the aunt everyone wishes they had. She is sweet, stylish and entirely too generous (which is actually like all my other aunts). And she loves to buy clothes for my son. As I was putting him into his plaid shorts and green shirt I realized I had not sent her a thank you note for that outfit…or possibly for past 5 outfits. Mom – don’t freak out I WILL get to those Christmas thank yous too.

So I thought what better way to thank her than to show some of the outfits she has purchased to make my baby the snappiest dresser on the block. She (and her entire family to be fair) held out until Zach was born since we did not know if what we were having, but once he was out of my belly and on this earth she got busy. I swear I used the darling Polo onsies she sent as my “go to” 0-3 month outfits I had so many of them.

She brought over a super cute Save the Earth outfit. The shorts looked like camo but up close they were lizards. My Aunt Vickie knows what a tree hugger I am while driving my Hemi Dodge Durango. When we went to St. Louis for Thanksgiving I took the baby Uggs she got him and was so excited for him to wear them! However he was so perplexed by having something on his ankles that when you stood him up he would literally fall down like a tree. I did it a couple of times as I didn’t understand what was going on and each time – boom! No bend in the legs, just a fall on his face (yes, yes I caught him).

But I digress. I just want to thank my Aunt Vickie for loving my child as much as we do. She and my Uncle Rick and cousins Stephanie and Matthew are always there for my family and I just love them all to bits! So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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