Dance Dance Revolution

One of Zach’s favorite toys is a riding toy truck from his buddy Wyatt. He has not really mastered the riding of it yet, but loves to push it around the house making car noises and getting stuck in doorways. Then he screams the high pitched scream of a banshee and I think he might be dying. Nope, just stuck in the doorway. At which point I try not to roll my eyes and instead use my best “mothering” voice to say “You can do it! I know you can!”. Becuase he can. He really, really can steer the truck out of the doorway; I have seen it happen.

But I digress. His other favorite thing to do with his truck is push the button on the very front and play his favorite song. No words, just some tires squealing with a kicky beat. He then dances and pushes the button numerous times as the song is just that good. Both Alex and I can sing it for you upon request.

One thought on “Dance Dance Revolution

  1. Yay!! I love it. So happy he likes it. Wyatt does the same things with all his ride along toys, including the high pitched screeching.

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