Literally a box with sand

One of the bloggers that I follow (Prudent Baby) said she used a Christmas wreath box for a small sandbox for her daughter. That got me thinking about an unused under the bed storage container that I had lying around. I had it lying around, because Alex bought it and we have zero under the bed storage available. Would Zach like to have a sandbox? Could I use this as an excuse to paint on the lid and/or stencil? No and no are the short answers to those questions.

Why would he not like a sandbox? A toy that is a staple in many a house and park? Turns out Zach is a very textural guy. He does not like to get his hands grimy, touch slimy or gritty food (much less eat it) and he prefers his feet to be clean. As you can imagine, none of these bode well with a sandbox. But, as usual, I didn’t let my son’s personality deter me as I bought and drug into the backyard 100 lbs of sand and some sand toys. Zach really only likes to play with the toys, carrying them around the yard and into his water table, avoiding the sand all together. Once the newness wore off (for me) it has been relegated to the non-grass growing part of our yard and is mainly used for Norman to hurdle over. And it is just, as one of my friends said “a box with sand”.

Oh well, it is good for his friends at playgroup when they stop by.

Father’s Day Fun

All Alex wanted for Father’s Day was to eat dinner at James Coney Island and not work. He got one of those. Well he got some new socks too. I dressed Zach like his dad (why I get such a kick out of doing this I don’t know. I doubt I would dress a girl like me) and off we went. Zach, having recently decided that 18 months is the perfect age to be a total toot started the trip off nonplussed and stayed that way through most of the dinner. Luckily we had Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Dave to swap off since I was still limping around in my post-surgery boot.

Alex, being the most glass-is-always-half-full person I know was still thrilled with the day.

Zach not happy about going outside.

At Coney’s

Turn me in

As discussed, Zach is a very, very active 18 month old who runs his mouth constantly and runs his feet at the same time. But with my foot still in a boot, chasing him is next to impossible and I had to do something. So just like I record all the Real Housewives in an effort to make his father sit still, I recorded a bunch of children’s shows for my baby. Yes, I said it – I am encouraging my child to watch TV. Grated it is only from 6-6:30 in a pinch, but still, encouraging TV. Don’t tell the American Pediatrics Association. Also don’t tell them that my child is in a front facing car seat. Our little secrets.

So I went from least to most annoying; first up, Bob the Builder (way to slow), then Sesame Street (really too much talking), maybe Thomas the Train (closer, he really likes to say “choo, choo“) but alas, he settled in on Barney. Yes, the purple dinosaur that I used to be forced to watch when I babysat, I am now recording on purpose for my child. What do they say about karma? Never mind, I know the answer.

I just need it to slow him down a bit…not mentally, just physically. Which it successfully does. I can elevate my foot and he will play in the back room and stop every now and then for a Barney song. Even climbing up on his truck to get closer. Which is both a safety no and an eye issue. Neither of which I can handle dealing with right this second.

At a reasonable distance from his new BFF Barney

Trying to climb up the entertainment center,
while holding his raisins of course to get closer –
and learn more about Kenya. Obviously.

One foot, two foot, black foot, blue foot

I had my last bunion operated on (yeah!) a week ago Friday and I knew it would be next to impossible to keep up with Zach while in a boot. Luckily my parents and the Walls stepped in to save the day. Liv and Vince kept him while my mom took me to surgery, then my parents took Zach with them to the River house for 5 blissful days. Where was my husband you ask? Actually you probably don’t even ask anymore, but he was in London either way.
Thank heaven Zach was gone for the worst of my recovery and the Wall’s swooped in once he returned and took him one more day when my folks had to go back to their day jobs. My Aunt Vickie, Uncle Rick and cousin Matt covered for me as well, taking Zach on Sunday so I could rest. I truly feel so blessed to have such wonderful family so willing to help and chase around a banshee named Zach. He was returned in perfect condition each time….but I can’t say the same for his loving gardians. 18 months is a fun but busy, busy, busy age we all agreed.
Zach with his Granny Marsh and “oosia” as he calls Louisa
Visiting my Granny’s grave in Floresville

Riding the shuttle to Lakewood Church with his 6’9″ cousin Matt

Forgotten Son

Did anyone who knew Norman before Zachary think these pictures would ever happen? As I have mentioned, Norman was petrified of babies. So scared he would bark and back away from them. But now look at him! Though I secretly believe he is just glad to be in the house and not relegated to the backyard or (gasp!) the side yard, he really is awesome with Zach now.
Yes, he has run him over a time or two but come on, the baby needs to learn somehow to get out of a running dog’s way. And Zach still loves Norman even saying “Norm” when he sees him and points at the window to get a closer look. Zach is not a huge fan of Norm licking his face, but neither am I, actually. Gross me out.

Who Wore it Best?

I don’t think I have mentioned Zach’s friend at school, Ben, before here on the blog. He and Zach have been fast friends since Zach arrived at school last year. I really like to call him Benjamin and wave at him to get his shy smile while he peers at me through his big baby lashes. I just adore that kid. Anyway, Zach and Ben could always be found hanging out together during school, Ben even took to scooting like Zach. Though Ben did decide that crawling was a way better mode of transport, he would still scoot with Zach sometimes.

Starting this year they are seperated – Zach to the Bluebonnets and Ben to the Sunflowers. Neither boy is taking the split very well. When I picked Zach up the other day Ben grabbed on to his shirt and tried to keep him in class and yesterday I pointed out a new baby named Ben and Zach immediately bee-lined into the Sunflower class saying “Ben? Ben?” Luckily the two classes are together in the morning and afternoon.

And what better way to show your best friend status than to dress alike? It worked for me in 6th grade and it is working for the boys now.

Hot in the City

Summer is here and already too hot for Zach to be wearing clothes. In my defense he had a darling brown jumper on that matched his shoes, but he poured water all over himself from his new water table (thanks Auntie Lauren!). The deck was too hot for bare feet, and we were headed inside for a bath. But like most of the things I try to make him do, he decided he was not ready and ran back outside.
He loves his table. He found it hysterical to dump out the water and cooled us both off with all his splashing. However, he was very perplexed as to why he was not able to drink the water like Norman did out of the table. He tried and tried, but just kept getting his face wet and laughing like a crazy person about it. When Alex saw this picture he thought that Zach’s hair was that wet from sweating.

First Day of School Again

This past Monday Zach moved up from the Sweet Peas to the Bluebonnets at school. That means he is officially a toddler as the Bluebonnets are 18-24 months old. There are new babies, all fat and rolly and who are barely able sit up in his old classroom now. His new room is very big boy. They eat breakfast with a spoon at a table, have a “reading area” with pillows and a little play house that he adores. It was not as hard for me as I thought, I guess becuase he really does not look like a baby any longer. He is much more a Bluebonnet than Sweet Pea.

What a change from his first day of school a year ago. I thought it was sweetly ironic that he switched classrooms a year to the day that I went back to work.

33 and counting

Last week we celebrated Alex’s 33rd birthday with brunch at Ousie’s with all the Walls. Zach asked to be dressed like his dad and grandad – in khaki pants and a polo shirt. His grandad went so far as to tuck in Zach’s shirt which makes my baby look like a 45 year old with a beer gut. Zach did not seem to mind, it did not stop him from splashing in the fountain at the restaurant. But when his grandad pulled out his comb, well that just crossed the line. Zach barely puts up with me combing his hair after a bath.
Alex told a sweet story about his dad’s comb. He said that when he was a little boy and thinking about being a grown up he got nervous about how he was going to carry everything he needed. He would have to carry a wallet, car and house keys and of course a little black comb. He was baffled at how he would be able to carry it all! I guess he realized that he did not need a comb if he kept his hair cut high and tight. Lucky me.