Last Friday, Zach’s daycare was closed so I took the day off to spend with my little man. We had a busy day of starting with a sweaty walk with Norman, attending a Mommy and me exercise class at the YMCA (which made Mommy sweat all over again) and then lunch with Daddy. After nap I got out pillows and made an obstacle course for Zach to walk and roll over. We had done it once before when he first started walking and he loved it.

The addition to the course this time was Zach’s snappy peacock bangle that he insisted on wearing or carrying the entire time. I was feeling guilty about posting these pics (and I didn’t even post the most embarrassing one where he is holding his hand up to his cheek) until I saw my friend Michele’s son Ethan doing the same thing. And the peacock braclet really did complete his outfit.

One thought on “Accessory

  1. Now that is hysterical! What is it with little boys and bangles? We've got such great blackmail photos… They do look so cute though, huh?!? xoxo Michele

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