Who Wore it Best?

I don’t think I have mentioned Zach’s friend at school, Ben, before here on the blog. He and Zach have been fast friends since Zach arrived at school last year. I really like to call him Benjamin and wave at him to get his shy smile while he peers at me through his big baby lashes. I just adore that kid. Anyway, Zach and Ben could always be found hanging out together during school, Ben even took to scooting like Zach. Though Ben did decide that crawling was a way better mode of transport, he would still scoot with Zach sometimes.

Starting this year they are seperated – Zach to the Bluebonnets and Ben to the Sunflowers. Neither boy is taking the split very well. When I picked Zach up the other day Ben grabbed on to his shirt and tried to keep him in class and yesterday I pointed out a new baby named Ben and Zach immediately bee-lined into the Sunflower class saying “Ben? Ben?” Luckily the two classes are together in the morning and afternoon.

And what better way to show your best friend status than to dress alike? It worked for me in 6th grade and it is working for the boys now.

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