One foot, two foot, black foot, blue foot

I had my last bunion operated on (yeah!) a week ago Friday and I knew it would be next to impossible to keep up with Zach while in a boot. Luckily my parents and the Walls stepped in to save the day. Liv and Vince kept him while my mom took me to surgery, then my parents took Zach with them to the River house for 5 blissful days. Where was my husband you ask? Actually you probably don’t even ask anymore, but he was in London either way.
Thank heaven Zach was gone for the worst of my recovery and the Wall’s swooped in once he returned and took him one more day when my folks had to go back to their day jobs. My Aunt Vickie, Uncle Rick and cousin Matt covered for me as well, taking Zach on Sunday so I could rest. I truly feel so blessed to have such wonderful family so willing to help and chase around a banshee named Zach. He was returned in perfect condition each time….but I can’t say the same for his loving gardians. 18 months is a fun but busy, busy, busy age we all agreed.
Zach with his Granny Marsh and “oosia” as he calls Louisa
Visiting my Granny’s grave in Floresville

Riding the shuttle to Lakewood Church with his 6’9″ cousin Matt

One thought on “One foot, two foot, black foot, blue foot

  1. Dear One, Both Zach and Louisa are much cuter than that picture in the swing! Alas, that is what I look like (although I can look better than that when I have a bit of notice!). We all had fun (especially Louisa!). Love to all, Granny Marsh

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