Turn me in

As discussed, Zach is a very, very active 18 month old who runs his mouth constantly and runs his feet at the same time. But with my foot still in a boot, chasing him is next to impossible and I had to do something. So just like I record all the Real Housewives in an effort to make his father sit still, I recorded a bunch of children’s shows for my baby. Yes, I said it – I am encouraging my child to watch TV. Grated it is only from 6-6:30 in a pinch, but still, encouraging TV. Don’t tell the American Pediatrics Association. Also don’t tell them that my child is in a front facing car seat. Our little secrets.

So I went from least to most annoying; first up, Bob the Builder (way to slow), then Sesame Street (really too much talking), maybe Thomas the Train (closer, he really likes to say “choo, choo“) but alas, he settled in on Barney. Yes, the purple dinosaur that I used to be forced to watch when I babysat, I am now recording on purpose for my child. What do they say about karma? Never mind, I know the answer.

I just need it to slow him down a bit…not mentally, just physically. Which it successfully does. I can elevate my foot and he will play in the back room and stop every now and then for a Barney song. Even climbing up on his truck to get closer. Which is both a safety no and an eye issue. Neither of which I can handle dealing with right this second.

At a reasonable distance from his new BFF Barney

Trying to climb up the entertainment center,
while holding his raisins of course to get closer –
and learn more about Kenya. Obviously.

One thought on “Turn me in

  1. I can't believe you had another foot surgery. Ouch. I hope you are feeling better. Thank goodness for DVR…I guess I need to check out the new carseat guidelines. When Ali turned one, we were able to face her forward. Has this changed? Carter turns one next week. I was really looking forward to facing him foward!

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