The mouth never stops

Not to any one’s surprise Zach is a talker. Well, it is not really fair to call it “talking” since only I (and sometimes Alex) can really understand him. I used scoff at my friend Sonia for saying that her son talked all the time when I could not understand him. Ummm….payback is a you-know-what and that is now my child.

Even if no one can understand him but me, he has a lot to say. A lot. We can hear him in his bed first thing in the morning, running through all the words he can say, including shouting “Mine!” to his stuffed monkey, pointing to the “eyes” on his frog and singing Baa, Baa Black Sheep. I finally got a video of him saying some things (pretty) clearly. All the others where I was sure he was going to be seen for the child talking genius he is sounded like I was recording a bird chirping. Which is probably why only I can understand him, as I have been known to speak/shriek in such a pitch only dogs can hear.

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