Word Confusion

Zach has figured out how to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’. And I literally mean he can say the words. Using them in context is proving to be a bit more challenging.

Kinsey: “Zach, can you say Granny?”

Zach “Yes.”

Alex “Zach, do you want to feed Norman?
Zach “No.” As he runs to the dog food

Kinsey: “Zach, can you give Norman your cheese?”

Zach: “Yes.” As he eats the cheese

Surprisingly enough he can use ‘no’ when you ask him if he is ready for bed, needs a new diaper (the smell would say otherwise) or wants any veggie. And he can use ‘yes’ when you ask if he wants to go outside, have his milk or watch the Choo Choo.

PS This photo was taken when Liv hijacked my future sister-in-laws bridal portraits with my son. We are all just thankful Tami didn’t end up with cheesy fingerprints on her georgous dress. AND that she is just that sweet to not mind Zach trying to steal the show.

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