Belly to Belly

One thing Zach really likes to do is to show you his belly and see yours. With me, he prefers to climb into my lap, try to push me down and lay on my belly -getting off to lift up my shirt to see the belly. I don’t really know why or when or how this started and though I do think it is slightly odd, I just go with it. Unless it is in public then I let him know that Mommy’s belly has not seen the light of day in many years and we need to keep it that way. And then I tell him to go show his daddy his belly, he has been asking to see it.

My sister and Dewayne came to stay this past weekend to take care of Zach and being that she is 8 months pregnant I knew Zach would LOVE her belly. I was 100% correct. Apparently he made her get down so he could put his belly to her belly and then took to hugging it as well. So sweet since he is actually hugging his cousin Chuck in there!

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