This weekend Zachary will be a ring bearer (or flower boy, as his Grandpa Vince calls him) at his Uncle Dave’s wedding. The tux that Alex bought at Al’s is a size extra large. This really led us all to wonder – what must the small look like? And what crazy person is buying that? I think putting a 20 month old in a tux complete with vest and tiny bow tie is on the semi-coo coo list, but it is not my party.

In addition, I have successfully worked myself up into a full tizzy about his behavior walking down the aisle. Here is my short terror list: him sitting down and refusing to move, him assuming the poop squat and himrunning down the aisle screaming Mommy! There are a myriad of other things I can come up with that would make my future sister-in-law regret asking him to participate. I have asked Vince to be stationed at the back, my parents in the middle and me at the front so there is a good line of defense to snatch him up at a moments notice. But let’s be honest; I can’t exactly bend down and snatch anyone in a black cocktail dress and Spanxs so I am going to be relying on my parents to do that. In fact I might just pretend I don’t know him – I mean we don’t look a thing alike – and sneak out the back. Some time alone at the maroon Whataburger sounds lovely right about now.

4 thoughts on “XL

  1. OMG! I am laughing out loud. Kariana is going to be a flower girl in my sister-in-law's wedding next month and I have a similar terror list! I put her dress and shoes on her the other day and she screamed. She hated it and I'm afraid Tobin's family (including his sister) have no idea what a 21 month old is capable of doing.

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