Littlest Penquin

Mr. and Mrs. David Wall (plus Zach)
We are back from the whirlwind wedding weekend of Dave and Tami! We roadtripped to College Station on Friday for the Bridesmaid luncheon and didn’t get home until lunch time on Sunday. It was a long, Wall-filled weekend. Let me tell you about it.
Friday night was the rehearsal at the church and it did not go well for Zachary. He did in fact sit down in the middle of the aisle and start to cry. Unfortunate. I scooped him up and we walked down together. I felt this was for sure not a good sign of things to come. My parents took him to the rehearsal dinner where my dad played photographer while my mom played nanny.
I am just going to stop here and say that I could not be more thankful that my parents drove to College Station to help me with Zach. Alex was in the wedding so he could not be of much help and I had to rely on my parents to do much (OK, all) of the heavy Zach lifting. They bathed him, fed him, comforted him and put him to bed the entire weekend. Alex and I would have had a much different weekend without them.
Back to the weekend – once the wedding day rolled around, Zach was tired from being up for the rehearsal dinner (where he put his little head down on the table) and was not in his best form. Again, thank heavens for my parents, it took all three of us to get him into his little tux and to the church.
Things did not get better once we got there. Though he did get to see his “Ami” and “Dav”. He especially liked his Ami’s dress. And she did look beautiful as always. I don’t know how my parents got Zach down the aisle but I believe a pocket full of cheese was required.
But he did it! He walked down holding his Grandpa Vince’s hand and looked like an angel. He even smiled for some pictures with the groomsmen and his Ami. Truthfully, he was as good as you could expect a 20 month old to be when he was up hours past his bedtime, eating food that was totally out of the norm for him and wearing a tuxedo. 

2 thoughts on “Littlest Penquin

  1. Kinsey is giving us way too much credit. Zach was great and made us all proud! It really was precious to see our Zach and his Grandpa Vince with Tami's brother Zach (all is tuxedos) going down the aisle. If you did not see it, you should order the movie!

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