Zach received his first homework assignment this week; not counting the one when I had to trace my foot for a mother’s day art project. That was sort of weird and I could not decide which foot to do – the non-operated foot or the fixed one. His teacher ended up cornering me in the hall and making me take off my flats to trace my foot. I can’t be the negligant parent again! I make pie pops for goodness sake!

This assignment asked for pictures of “close” family members. What does that mean, “close”? I assume they don’t want Zach’s 52 cousins, but what about his grandparents, uncles and aunts? I consider them “close” and Zach is in love with all of them. In the end I decided to put our close-extended family in the house.

Do you get that it is supposed to be a house? That we are at the front door and the fam is in the windows like Big Love come to life? Don’t tell me if you don’t it was my vision. The only thing I am not pleased with is “The Walls” nameplate. I should have used a ruler. We better still get an A.

I love that we look like paper dolls. 
And you are welcome, Lauren, for Norman being in there. Prominently.

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