River Trip

This weekend a handful of friends, Alex, Zach and I headed over to Canyon Lake, my parent’s place on the Guadalupe River. Alex had to work a bit late and leave early on Sunday (still a far cry from not going at all last year) so I enlisted help in form of Alison, Melissa and Alison’s BF Chris. Thank HEAVENS for all of them on the 3 hours there and back. Zach did really, really well – with much entertaining from Alison & Chris for sure.
The river was running a perfect speed for tubing, but too fast for Zach. The water is also always a chilly 64 degrees, so him getting in was not happening. He spent most of his time in the plastic pool and napping. He really enjoyed sleeping in his pack-n-play in the bathroom. Yes, he was in the bathroom, again. This is now the 3rd time we have stuffed a pack-n-play in a bathroom. I highly recommed it.
Hopefully next year he can at least go boating or swim down at the damn. But for now it was enough fun to wave bye-bye to each and every toober.

Strapped to an old highchair eating “applesauce”.
Shhhh don’t tell him it is yogurt and FiberOne yogurt at that.
Look familiar? Yes, we drove 3 hours so he could do just what he does at home.
The water is really, really, really cold.
Waving to the toobers and paddleboat.

One thought on “River Trip

  1. I love that Zach is waving “bye bye” to the Laurkin paddleboat (named after his Auntie Lauren and Momma Kinsey). He really should have been aboard! There are two seats in the back (or he could sit in the cooler!).

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