21 Months and counting

Last week Zach turned 21 months old. He is barreling towards 2 years old so fast now it is becoming harder to ignore. As with all his stages, part of me is happy and part of me is devastated that he is getting further and further away from a little baby. I thought I would list some things that he is doing right this second so I can look back and enjoy how big and still little he is.

1. He has started to run. It is a very awkward flat footed run and his right arm does not seem to really get into the swing of things – but it is a run none the less.
Favorite time to do this: when his dad comes home.

2. He says two-word sentences. For about two weeks now he has been starting to string words together. His first was “Night, night, Norman” followed by “Bye, bye, Abby. Bye, bye Katia”.
Favorite time to do this: “Mommy shoes! Mommy shoes! Mommy shoes!”

3. Zach will push/pull anything. In Toy’s R Us I let him push a truck around next to my shopping cart. He was beyond thrilled. He also likes to push around the ottoman and kitchen chairs. Yesterday he pushed the chair all the way into the kitchen with his milk cup on top. He thought he was a really big deal.
Favorite time to do this: When I am cooking, he pushes his chair up to the island to “help me”. I have to hustle and get the much safer step ladder (No Mom and Dad not the one from Jane’s house) for him to climb on up.

4. If there is a door that is open in our house, rest assured Zach will close it. When we are getting ready in the morning I routinely have to stop what I am doing and open the bedroom door since he has closed himself out. Note: if anyone reading this has door handles that are levers and you do NOT want your child to wander freely around your house, I highly recommend switching them out for the rounded ones. Luckily we have those on the outside doors. Luckily.
Favorite time to do this: When I need him to get a move on, like in the morning when he wants to close the doors before leaving the house.

5. I love the hand holding most of all. I think this has been going on for about a month or so, it was not right after he started walking, but I love it. Just the sight of those tiny fingers gripping mine makes me all sorts of sappy. And him holding Alex’s hand just sends me right of the edge.
Favorite time to do this: Walking into school and up/down stairs.

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