Zoo and Choo Choo

 My parents bought Zach a membership to the Houston zoo for Christmas this year and Alex has already been there with Zach. Twice. I had to print out the email confirmation as he was could not wait for the hard copies to come in the mail.

We were both looking forward to taking Zach on the zoo train. It is allegedly very good (everyone says) and he loves all sorts of trains now. We got there before the train even opened, I bought the tickets as the boys wandered around, then stood in line to get a good seat. I did sneak Zach on for free on accident, saving myself $3. I thought under 2 was free and didn’t realize until I was in line that it is under 1, so I had to lie to the 15 year old ticket taker and tell him my baby was 11 months old. He is just tall for his age. Thankfully he was not talking to anyone when we walked by.

Zach liked the train a lot at first. He couldn’t decide who to sit with, Alex or me and repeated “Choo choo! Choo choo!” about 65 times. Then the “conductor” blew the whistle which was very loud given our good seat close to the whistle…that was the beginning of the end for Zach and the choo choo. He immediately wanted to sit right next to me gripping my shirt and then the train started moving. He was in a word, horrified. He did not cry but had a look on his face like we were possibly torturing him and the tears were just behind those big eyes. He was on my lap now and could not get any closer without being under my shirt. I immediately whipped out the snacks (my child is going to have a snacking problem, PS, as I bribe him with goldfish daily) and he was OK with the experience. We hopped off early and went over to the playground and the afternoon was saved.

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