Not all organic and flax seed

While yes, I am that crazy mother that packs Flax Seed crackers for a snack and makes her child eat buckwheat pancakes mixed with banana puree, sweet potato puree and blueberrys, here is evidence that even I cave to pizza on a Saturday night. This was the second night of Zach and I’s weekend together when his father left us for a wedding in New Mexico. Pizza on the couch was easy and fun. The downside? He can now say ‘pizza’ which is just awesome, as he likes to scream it when I try to serve him rice balls or bean burgers. Luckily I have tricked him into thinking that quesadillas (with sweet potato puree and tofu) are pizza. I am sure this is all going to paid back to me someday.

All I ask for is one drawer

As any mother knows, privacy is just not happening with kids. I won’t go into details but let’s just say th large purple top to an under the bed storage box accompanied me to the bathroom yesterday. I have accepted this lack of priacy and space to myself. I am not a girl that really needed a whole lot of privacy anyway. Living in a sorority house and growing up with one bathroom for my sister and mom (Daddy had his own) took care of that.
All I ask for is one drawer. Just one – my makeup/hair/whatever-I-want-drawer in the bathroom. Even with all the entertaining Zach does in our bathroom (and there is a lot) I have NEVER let him in that drawer. It is my stuff. That baby is everywhere else! My closet – OK, whatever come on in and try on my undies and bracelets. The kitchen – sure, let me get you that stool so you can get your dirty hands in our dinner. And we don’t need to mention the bathroom again.
So flash forward to me returning home from welcoming my baby niece into the world and what do I see? A headband that I do not remember leaving on the bedroom floor, my face wipes moved to a higher cabinet and my hairbrushes in the grip of a crazed munchkin.
It is safe to say that Alex got a “talking to” that rivaled the our-baby-needs-to-be-fed discussion. I am not messing around about that drawer.

Ready to Go

I don’t know where Zach thinks he is going, but I am glad he has on a hat. You know he is not wearing sunscreen as I, being the neglectful mother, believe that once it is October I don’t need to coat my son from head to two in sunscreen. Good luck to you big boy.

Arts and Crafts

In my constant attempt to keep Zach busy after school I thought about the stamps that I have been carrying around since I was about 10. I remember loving these when I was little, I loved how precise they were and hated when the colors ran across the stamp pad. I definitely was Type A even then.

At Gymboree and music class they get stamps at the end of class and all the kids love it. I thought that maybe Zach would like to stamp on paper with my little stamps. He figured out the process and liked to call out the “dog”, “cat”, “moo” and “horse”,  but mainly wanted to put those stamp on his legs and feet. We ended up putting his hands and foot prints on the paper too.

It must be Fall

Most people know that Autumn is in the air because Walgreen’s has been taken over by orange, the weather has a hint of non-miserable to it and school buses are all around. Here in the Wall household, we know it is Fall when we make our first trip to the ER.

Yes, last week Zach and I (to be met by Alex) scooted on up to Texas Children’s Hospital because Zach was having trouble breathing. It turned out to be a bad case of croup, but it was terrifying.

When I got him from school he seemed fine, a little tired but nothing abnormal. As we were hanging out and playing he started having this cough that sounded like he could not clear the phlegm out of his throat and started to breathe rapidly. I tried giving him his inhaler from the spring with no change. He got a steamy bath but when I laid him down to put his clothes on, it was obvious that he was struggling to breathe, which is when I started to freak out.

I threw some clothes on my crying baby – stopping only to comb his hair – and into the car we went. Given that it was 6pm there was some traffic and I almost hopped up on the median but contained myself. Turns out, when you fly into the ER, throwing your keys to the valet and announce that you baby can not breathe, they take you pretty seriously.

The doctor and nurses were awesome, they listened to me and were great with Zach. When the doctor first saw Zach she said, “Oh sweetie, you look like you don’t feel good. But your hair looks great!” He was  not quite as amused as Alex and I were.