Random Zachary

Here are some photos I found on my phone of Zach at Dave and Tami’s wedding:

Zach was very helpful pushing the cart when we were leaving the hotel. This was really foreshadowing to him wanting to be helpful all the time now. At home he helps with all sorts of chores. He loves to push around the Swifter Sweeper so I just put a pad on the bottom and he goes to down. He runs into many things but does get up some of the pesky dirt. Same with laundry, he is excellent at putting items into the washer and from the washer to the dryer. You hear a lot of “HEAVY” calls when he is holding wet “daddy shirt” headed for the dryer.

I love these guys in the pic below. They are Zach’s cousins, the Morris kiddos: Pat, Danny, Abby, Jack and Emilie. They are just some of the best kids (I guess adults now) I know and I want Zach to be just like them. From my first Thanksgiving with the Walls they have just taken me in as one of them – even when I refuse to play soccer. They are genuine and fun, sweet and kind plus they love my baby. How could I not love them!?

Here they were walking all over the hotel with Zach while I was eating breakfast and generally hiding from my child (yes, yes a common theme in my life). I would like them to come back to Texas tonight. Please.

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