A new Little; but A Little Bailey this time

Zachary’s cousin is here! My sister gave birth to Charlotte Bailey last Wednesday and we are all in love. As you can see below she has a full head of dark, dark hair and looks just like her daddy. I think that is going to be Lauren’s nose eventually though. And she is as stubborn as us as well.
I went up the day before she was born to be the dog sitter/house sitter/food runner. Which meant that Alex was in charge of Zach for 3 nights and 2 daycare days. That is the longest he has ever solely been in charge. I have left my child before (we all know I have zero hesitancy about that) but with his previous job it was impossible for Alex to 100% be able to get Zach from school on time meaning that his sweet parents always jumped in. This time he did have help in the form of Zach’s best friend at school Ben’s parents who picked him up from school with Ben and kept him until Alex could get him around 6:30. What a change a job makes I tell you! Of course the Wall’s got him too….they said they had not seen him in a while and that was the only reason they were going to take him. Now, while that was true, I really think Liv can’t let Alex get in trouble. And let’s face it, I will do the exact same thing down the road.
But back to Charlotte. My mom sent pictures and Zach is focused on his “Entie” and “Baby”. He is currently obsessed with throwing things in the trash so he kept throwing away his Auntie and then getting very distraught when he could not find her. Luckily her mother and grandmother are taking much better care of her than her cousin.

I bought this Woobie online before she was born
 and we laughed at her trying to get out of it. She is still a bit too tiny
for normal size swaddlers but she can’t get out of this one!
Sucking her thumb for the first time with her
Auntie who is missing that sweet little cuddler.

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