Baby Elephant

A few weeks back Vince took Zach to the zoo to see the new baby elephant and Zach has been talking about that baby elephant ever since. It took us a while to figure out what he was saying…it sounds like “baby llfffnnnt” but he says it so much that it is getting clearer.
This Friday we went back to see the baby elephant, who is darling by the way. Zach has really stepped up the baby llfffnnt calls now; he talks about the baby llfffnnt every morning and says night night to the baby llfffnnt at night. I have to reassure him that yes, the baby elephant is night, night with his mommy. And if we get anywhere close to the zoo he starts shouting “Baby Llfffnnt! Baby Llffnnnt”. I am trying to get him to branch out a bit to lions, zebras or giraffes, but he just loves that baby llfffnnnt.

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