Geeaus Loves Me

For Zach’s baptism his great-grandmother Rowena gave him the book Jesus Loves Me which sings the song as you turn the pages. Though if you are Alex, somehow the music is too fast for you. Don’t ask, I have no trouble keeping up.  Anyway, Zach has liked the book for a while, mainly because of the singing. The book made it into the car with him and is a perfect distraction for our car trips around town.

Cut to us driving every day by St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church on our way to and from school. Each day I hold my breath to pray (maybe to St. Vincent) that he does not say “Fair over? Fair over?” in recognition of the fair we attended behind the church. We were there approximately 20 minutes until he melted down and we had to leave. In August.

Yesterday he noticed the statue in front of the church and I hear “GEEAUS! GEEAUS!” coming from the backseat. I personally had never really looked closely at the statue, but yes it is Jesus and now in addition to “fair over” he says “GEEAUS CHURCH” and of course, “Geeaus fair?”

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