My Kind of Party

I am high into the planning for Zach’s second birthday party. Last year the theme was A Year of Firsts. This year it is Construction. In early November, my friend Beth asked if I had even started planning his party. I was shocked at that accusation and said “Of course! I have a PowerPoint deck with links to all the ideas and items I need!” It just would have been totally weird to start doing stuff back in September when I created it. Not weird that I created it…just weird to start THAT early.
I am currently working on:
– The Happy Birthday Zach sign
– Goodie bags
– Construction tape table runner
– Construction signage for the event
I am BEYOND excited. This is what I live for. Crafts! For a reason! I fear my work is suffering as I google “construction truck images” and scour blogs for other ideas. 
Here is Zach trying on the personalized hard hats. I am not pleased with the name tag – put that on my list.

As an aside, this is not his shirt. He was sent home in it because 
he did not have a jacket and they “thought” it was his. 
Duly noted teachers; I am a bad mother.
I went out that day and got him 3 jackets just to be safe.

I had to bribe him with watching Barney to put the hat on.

3 thoughts on “My Kind of Party

  1. I can't wait to see what the party is going to look like! So jealous of all your creative skills. I am sure Zach is going to LOVE it!!! Wish we could be there.

  2. I just snagged three kids size 3 to 6 “construction” Halloween costumes at Tuesday Morning (complete with hard hat, vest and tools). Maybe we can use them to decorate the porch or the front yard? Love, Granny Marsh

  3. I too am jealous of your creative skills…I'm glad we are going to be able to make it this year even if we are going to be a little late…I can totally relate to the jacket situation. funny.

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