Sing a-little-along

This week Zach’s school had its Christmas party and Christmas Sing A-Long for the kids and parents. I think the older kids might do a pageant, but I can’t be sure. For Zach’s age they ask the parents to come and sing Christmas songs with the kids. I clarify “songs” not “carols” as I had never heard any of the songs they sung, except for This Little Light of Mine. Since his school does Mother’s Day out as well as every day daycare on either Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday we have 2 days that we have get to go.

Alex went on Tuesday and I went on Wednesday. I asked Alex how it was and he said he was glad he went as all the other parents were there, but that the kids only sang about every 5 words and our child at one point walked to the center of the circle and stuck his hands down his pants. I immediately glared at Alex and asked where, I wonder, does he get that from? Alex pretended to not hear me.

He also said that he was concerned about Ben’s dad as he was pretty sure he is Jewish and they talked A LOT about Jesus being the son of God. I said that I am certain Ben’s parents knew that some Jesus talk was a risk enrolling there kid in a Christian daycare. Alex remains skeptical.

I went today and was glad I was there. It is a giant mess no doubt. All the 2 year olds are walking around singing whatever song they want, clapping and alternately throwing themselves at their parents or other kids. Zach’s favorite part was throwing the scarves in the air during This Little Light of Mine. He insisted on only singing Jesus Loves Me, which was not on the list of songs to be sung.

The PTA president kept sending these notes about not worrying about taking pictures but instead to use this time to “celebrate the joy of Christ’s birth with your child”. Ummm lady I have a blog to maintain. But since I am still pretty chicken (her not parking in the roundabout emails still haunt me) I just took my Blackberry in so the pictures are terrible. Thanks a lot Lisa. Next year I will not be so considerate.

 Zach and his girlfriend Abby
 Thinking about singing. Supposed to be singing Jingle Bells and shaking a bell.
Still not singing. Instead he is obsessed
with the tag on the side of his shirt.
What you don’t see is me shaking my bell and
singing like a fool behind him.

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