Both my parents came to visit the past two weekends, in tandem, to help get us ready for Zach’s 2nd birthday party. And all I can say is thank the good sweet Lord, I have no clue how I would have pulled off that party without them.  My mom came in first to help me finish the table runner and goodie bags and watch Zach while Alex and I went to his holiday party. Then my dad came in this weekend to help us with the actual party. He got to be privy to a few “discussions” between Alex and I getting ready for the party such as: Alex “Do you want my opinion or do you just want me to move the chair where you want it??” Me looking dumbfounded, “I just want you to move the chair, how was I not clear?” Luckily my parents have been married for 35 years so these types of “discussions” are nothing new to my dad.
Un-selfishly the best part about both weekends was that Zach got to spend time with his Granny Marsh and Papa Wayne. He just adores them both and the feeling is mutual. He even got to see his Aunt Vickie, whom he is still talking about. Selfishly the best part is watching him interact with them and seeing the wonderment on his face when his Granny Marsh can sooth him so well and he and his Papa Wayne make “music” with his new Saxoflutes (thanks KK….). He was amazed that his Papa Wayne could make all those sounds!
These are some pictures my dad took the last time Zach was visiting them in Denton. He is such a good photographer and I think really captured Zach as the little guy he is right now. Even if he is wearing his nightshirts in all of these pictures.

One thought on “Grandparents

  1. I fear you give us too much credit. We enjoyed helping out a bit (many, many folks have helped us through the years). Love, Granny Marsh and P. Wayne

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