Can You Dig It?

 Zach’s party was a huge success!! It has taken me this long to write about it as I had to go through the 224 pictures and videos my dad took of the party. Yes, 224. I was not kidding about how much his grandparents love this kid. My dad also got some cute shots of Zach’s friends too that I need to email to them.

Anyway, the party! It was just what I had wanted and envisioned, not without pain, “discussions” between Alex and I and sheer exhaustion. Let me walk you through my vision:
First stop – the hard hats with all the children’s names on them and their goodie bags hung underneath.

Then inside to put the gifts under the tree and who wants a drink? Beer, wine (my dad found deep in the pantry), iced tea and lemonade for the adults (do you see the yellow and brown theme continued there??) and juice boxes and mini-waters for the kiddos.

On to the main event, the sandbox in the flower box. This is where the kids spent most of their time, digging and digging in the sand. The weather held out and it was cool but not too cold to be outside.

Miles especially liked the sandpit.

The pizza finally arrived (turns out I should have paid a wee bit more attention to getting the food there than the decorations) and the kids ate and we sang to Zach. I have to give a huge thanks to my friends Jackie, Neha and Laura who were taking care of my child while I was running about. Or talking. Whatever, I was doing something that required these fabulous moms to step in for me.

They were two fun busy hours and I know for next year NOT to wear faux Uggs to stand up for 3 hours during a party. Noted aching feet.

I think everyone had fun, there was sand, pizza and icing everywhere which should be good indicators of a good time had by all. I know that Zach had fun. He seemed a bit in a daze that all of his friends were here! In his house! At the same time! And he too was covered in sand, pizza and icing.

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