Chugga Chugga

I finally put Zachary’s train table together and wow, is it a huge hit. I would like to state that it no longer looks anything like the below pictures as the main thing that happens on the table is him “working” rather than driving. Working means taking apart and putting back together all the tracks. I routinely hear loud banging coming from the table – but I don’t care as the table also keeps him occupied for a little bit. I did try to drive a train down one small connected section of the track yesterday and though he allowed it, he preferred I help him “fix” the tracks that are strewn across the table. I see this as just one step in his play with the table (as he will have it for a good long while). Eventually he will figure out that it is fun to drive the trains around and use the crane to load things in and out.

His buddy Ben (aka his mom) gave away conductor hats at Ben’s train theme party and Zach does like to wear it to fix his trains. He can’t quite figure out the whistle that she sent as well but his face just lights up whenever someone else blows it for him.

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