The Red One

My mom came down last week to spend time with her grandson and help me out as Alex was on a “holiday” skiing with his friends. That phrase was repeated by Zach all. weekend. long. “My Daddy is on a holiday.” “My Daddy is skiing with his friends”. Yes Zachary, I am well aware of both those facts. That is why your Granny Marsh is here, to save me from going insane this weekend. Which she did and then some. I don’t remember the last time I was so well rested going into the week!!

My mom sent ahead of her 3 chairs for Zachary that are just like the ones we rented for his birthday party, which he loved. They are light enough so that he can move them around and just his right size. He was devastated when the rented ones left. It has been on my list to get him a nice set of chairs and a table that match our furniture, but due to my aforementioned condition it had fallen to the back of my list.

Luckily here arrive in the mail, 3 chairs perfect for Zach and his friends. Of course he only wants to sit in the red one. He says that his cousin Baby Charlotte can sit in the blue one. But not the red one.

Right now he loves to sit in the chairs and watch Barney after dinner. He pulls the foot stool over and uses that for his snack. We are so classy I can barely stand it. Whenever he would go “silent” when my mom was here we would find him sitting in his chair, usually with a snack and some apple juice.

Cowboys and Horses

Today is Go Texan day here in Houston and I was determined to see the trail riders like we did last year. I told Zach last night that tomorrow we would see cowboys and horses. He seemed marginally excited, he does still really like horses but was more interested in drinking milk and watching Barney. Well this morning, guess who popped up talking (very loudly) about cowboys and horses. ‘Horses’ is crystal clear…’cowboys’ on the other hand took me a while to figure out. But all morning was cowboys and horses, cowboys and horses.

So imagine my anxiety when at 8:30 we went looking for the trail riders only to find no trail riders. Well, crap. Zach and I drove up and down the street for 30 minutes, me trying to remain calm and wondering how I am going to get myself out of this, stopping at Shipley’s got some donuts, stopped at Starbucks, got Mommy a coffee and finally ended up at the park that faces the street they should come down. I decided to give the riders until 9:15 to show up then. I was still going to work after all. Luckily I met a very nice mom at the park (who, turns out was in one of my Junior League placements) and she said they came through at 9:30 last year.

And sure enough, 9:45 on the dot they were walking past us. We stood with my new friend and a bunch of SAHM moms with their kiddos and waved at the horses and cowboys. I think Zach liked it. He did a lot of waving and saying of “Good morning!”

Watching the port-a-potties bring up the rear

Here we go again

As you, my 4 loyal blog readers have undoubtedly noticed, I have been very behind in my posting, since December it has been pitiful. I would like to say it was the holidays and phew they just took it out of me (which they did) or that it was Zach who has become a hell-on-wheels toddler (which he has) but it really was neither of those things keeping me from the biting wit you have come to know and love (and heavy sarcasm).
Turns out that come July 11th Zach is going to be a big brother. Yep, we are expecting a new Little Wall and are very excited! This little Wall really took it out of me the first trimester. It was all I could do to take moderately competent care of Zachary long enough to get him to bed so I could go lay down. For the remainder of the evening. Rising only to eat cereal or yogurt and to let in/out the dog.  And maybe talk to my husband. But that was asking A LOT.
So that is my excuse. I would like to say that I am not one for excuses but that would be a total and complete lie. I LOVE excuses and am taking this one as far as it will get me. As a matter of fact I think I have been sitting in this position for too long and need to go elevate my feet and have some more cereal.
Here are the stats:
  • 19 Weeks (almost 5 months)
  • We are not finding out (again) what we are having
  • It will be a scheduled C-section as that is what I had last time, on or around July 11th
  • Zach does not really understand that there is a baby in my belly but keeps saying he has a baby sister as that is what his friend Sophie has so he thinks he will have one too.
  • He also tries to peer through my belly button to see the baby.
  • And since his belly is about as big as mine right now he sometimes points to it and says “baby?”.

I was blinded by love

I am just going to start by saying that every mother thinks their baby is the cutest in the whole wide world. Most might be more rational than to enter them in contests…but they still all secretly believe that they have the most precious baby ever.

So I obviously compare my baby to other babies. Since he is almost 2 I have forgotten what he looked like as a baby and went back to check and make sure he was still the cutest thing ever.

Summary – yes I still pick him any day but turns out he was f.a.t. fat. Who knew? I remember him being chubby, but looking back he is giant. The rolls, the cheeks, the belly. HUGE.

Ummm seriously, how did I not see the hugeness that was my child? And he was not even eating solid food for a lot of that time. Alex and I just laugh to see these pictures now. Especially since this is what our formerly chubby baby looks like now: