I was blinded by love

I am just going to start by saying that every mother thinks their baby is the cutest in the whole wide world. Most might be more rational than to enter them in contests…but they still all secretly believe that they have the most precious baby ever.

So I obviously compare my baby to other babies. Since he is almost 2 I have forgotten what he looked like as a baby and went back to check and make sure he was still the cutest thing ever.

Summary – yes I still pick him any day but turns out he was f.a.t. fat. Who knew? I remember him being chubby, but looking back he is giant. The rolls, the cheeks, the belly. HUGE.

Ummm seriously, how did I not see the hugeness that was my child? And he was not even eating solid food for a lot of that time. Alex and I just laugh to see these pictures now. Especially since this is what our formerly chubby baby looks like now:

One thought on “I was blinded by love

  1. He was precious then and precious now. And I don't think that fat… He was the cutest baby I had ever seen – until I saw my own of course – but he still ranks a very, very close second (maybe even a tie!) 🙂

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