I felt like a good mother

Well for a minute at least. Zach and I went to Smashburger for dinner the other night and on the wall are huge ‘Z’s. He pointed to them and said “That’s a Z! Z for Zachary!” and I felt complete as a mother.

Each time I have to color I draw a ‘Z’ and say “Z is for Zachary” and ask him to tell me what the letter is. Every single time he has stared at me and said “Color Mommy”. Deflated.

But that night, that magical night, he recognized the first letter of his name! And it is not like you come across a ‘Z’ in everyday life, but there were two painted bright red up on the wall and he knew they were for him.

Of course the evening ended in a meltdown thereby stripping me of all good maternal feelings just as quickly as they came. Oh parenting, why are you such a fickle beast?

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