There is SOME good

Looking back over my rants posts as of late I can see the frustration that is life with a 2 year old. I feel I should also mention the good because there is really a whole lot of good. And funny. Though I do have to say, when my sister and I were little and we would call for my dad (in a very non-annoying high pitched squeal of Daddy! Daddy!) he would more often than not reply “He ran away screaming”. I thought, oh ha ha, my Daddy is sooooo funny. Little did I know until having a toddler of my own how realistic that threat feels.

But that is not the point of this post – on to the positive! Here are some things that Zach is also doing this second that make me grab those cheeks and kiss them.

1. He runs to me when I get him from daycare. He still smiles with joy upon seeing me and runs (very mall-walker like) full speed toward me. This really is my favorite because no matter what type of day I have had or the type of evening we will have together, he is still my baby for just those few minutes.

2. He does not want Alex and I talking to each other in the car. On the way out to the Walls this past weekend I was having a conversation with my husband, and from the backseat comes the yell, “No Mommy! No talking to Daddy! Talk to me!”. Both Alex and I could not stop laughing. And he was serious. Anytime I directed any comments to Alex, Zach would yell again “No talking to Daddy! Talk to me!”. Those full sentences. Not just the word “No”, but full “No talking to Daddy!”

3. He can usually be calmed down by singing, usually. He knows the motions for Wheels on the Bus, sways to Row, Row, Row your Boat, sing/yells Jesus Loves Me and 5 Little Ducks and now sings Mary had a Little Lamb. Though it took me a while to figure out what the last one was. ‘Mary’ does not sound, coming out of Zach’s mouth, like it should…more like Aaaarrryyy. Puzzling.

4. Randomly he will say “MY Mommy”. Seriously he just says it whenever he pleases. Sometimes we are talking, sometimes we are driving, sometimes he just says it then continues on with whatever else he was talking about. And it is loud and much emphasis is placed on the “my”.

5. But he cries for his daddy when he is mad at me. “I want my Daddy (sobbing)” “Daddy hold me” I always tell him I would prefer his father be there too. Trust me, 2 adults to 1 toddler is a much better ratio.

6. He gets me stuff. I LOVE this. He will throw things away, hand me items to put into the fridge, sort his laundry, carry my cups to the sink. Love, love it. Granted, it takes about 3 times as long, but he gets so proud to help. “I need help my Mommy” is a common refrain at our house. Yesterday he picked up my empty Jello container and spoon and said “I put in the sink”. I think they both might have been thrown away, but guess which lazy preggers lady has plenty of spoons and doesn’t care? That’s right; this one.

7. He now says “I wuve you”. Melts my heart and makes me want to run away screaming just a little bit less. Just a little bit.

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