St. Paddy’s Playdate

Last week my friend Beth hosted our weekly play date and suggested we make it St. Patrick’s day themed. Everyone showed up with some green on, Beth made green shamrock cookies, another mom brought lollipops and I made paper favors sewed closed with Cheez-Its inside. Ummmm one of these things is not like the other….

I got out of control. Again. When I saw these on one of my fav blogs, Prudent Baby, I thought – who would make those? So time consuming, so unnecessary. That is, until I got Beth’s email and I decided I could totally do this between work and the playdate. I had to manipulate the image from PB (which I did at work), add the names of the kiddos plus make some blank ones and then printed and sewed them at home with  “help” from Zachary. I had to literally fight him for the Cheez-Its.

We loaded them into a huge leprechaun hat that my sweet Aunt Vickie sent Zach (don’t worry I sewed up the back to make it fit the 2 year olds) The kids were a little bit small for the bags, we moms had to open them for them, but they were super cute. And the toddlers running around with the hats on were especially funny. Beth popped it on her 2 month old and we found it hy-sterical. Needless to say, we most likely need to get out more.

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