Nothing but Love

I would just like to submit the below email into evidence of Zachs;s grandparents unfaltering love for him. A few weekends back the Walls kept Zach to help me restore some sanity and it turned into the 2nd time that Zach got sick at their house. The first time it was a stomach virus. “It’s a mess!” Zach told his Ollie when she came to get him in the morning. Yes, yes it was.
Here is the email from Liv:
Last night, he was up at 11:30, 2 AM and 6 AM and then slept until 8:45.  He was fine all day- played at the playground, etc., never was hot- no temp.  He did pull on one ear but I cannot remember which one and it was only periodically. Today, he went down for a nap about 1 PM and was still singing and talking at 2:20. Soon after he fell asleep.
 It was great to have him!
Does any of that sound great to you? Having a toddler come stay for 2 nights then get up at 11:30, 2 and 6? What is not included is that Vince went to Wal-Mart two of those times getting humidifiers. The first one did not work, which Zach so sweetly pointed out from his crib. “It not working Grandpa Ince. Fix it.” Nothing like my baby to help state the obvious.

Here is a video of Zach not being sick but being very, very bossy.

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