Last weekend we met Ben and his awesome mom Laura at our new favorite park behind River Oaks Elementary and Laura brought snacks for the kids and for us (thereby making her awesome). She offered Zach some pudding and I realized I had never given him pudding before. I think they eat it at school since I spotted a case of it the other day, but I have not shared any of my coveted chocolate pudding with him. I eat a ton in my pregnancy state.
Laura was telling me that pudding is the perfect thing to make with a 2 year old. All that is required is to open the package, pour in milk, stir and wait 5 minutes for delicious pudding. So the other day we tried it and she was totally right! He could do everything required and loooooved “helping Mommy”. 
What he did not love? The actual pudding. And I have to say I prefer the pre-packaged myself. I feel that does not say good things for my desire for artificial taste… Zachary would just prefer cheese and/or cheez-its, naturally.
But we will make it again, perhaps trying different flavors. Pistacho or strawberry could be delicious, no? It was the first thing that he has really enjoyed making and that I enjoyed making with him. Plus none of it ended up on the floor. Usually at the end of “helping Mommy” Mommy is very stressed by the flour/sugar/cheese all over the floor that someone wants to “help” sweep up too.


One thought on “Pudding

  1. Thanks for the info and how about those Pictures! What ever you are doing regarding your picture taking keep it up the last few have been very good. Love, PWayne

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