Picking Time

No, this is not a post about how Zach has learned to pick his nose….though that is true and gross. This post is about how I forced Alex into the car suggested that we drive to Alvin to pick strawberries on a gorgeous Saturday. I may or may not have had a mini-pregnancy breakdown that morning about how Alex did not help me off the couch and instead made Zach do it (which was very funny at the time). I can neither confirm nor deny that might have contributed to Alex being willing to go anywhere so I would not cry again. Because I am a hormonal basket case.

Either way, we loaded up that morning and drove about 30 minutes into Alvin to Frobergs Farms. The farm sits on about 2 acres of strawberries fields and while they have other fruit and veggies available to purchase, most everyone was there for the strawberries.  You buy a bucket for $1 and then fill up the bucket. We filled ours for $7 which was a little over 3 lbs. Zach (and Alex) had a good time finding just the right ones. There are signs about not picking the green ones but as Alex said, our bucket was filled with a span of not ripe, perfectly ripe and overly ripe thanks to the picking choices of a 2 year old.

We ate as many strawberries as we could then I made them into a crumble cake for Easter. Now every time Zach eats a strawberry he says “I picked it!”. I just let him believe it.

Despite the highly skeptical look he is giving me,

I promise he stuck his head through all on his own.

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