You will like crafts

Since it is Easter this week, I Googled all sorts of Easter crafts that Zach and I can make! Who is excited? ME! Last week we made some bunny flags for our Easter decorations. I read about here and that mom described the activity as mainly for the mom and just a little bit for the kid. Just my type of crafts.

So I drew triangles on paper and Zach and I set about painting them. That kid loves to paint. He really loves for YOU to paint a letter Z for Zachary as well.

Once they were dry I cut them out as well as the head and ears for the bunnies. I happened to have some batting laying around waiting to become bunny heads and ears. I had some googly eyes as well to make our bunnies come to life. Then Zach glued some in place on the flags. He only wanted to do about 3 then he was “all done” with this activity. I will let you guess which one he did…

I like to call his the Salvador Dali bunnies. I strung them together and they look pretty cute on our mantel. And it makes me smile when I look at it.

He asked me the day after we finished if we were going to make more bunnies. No sir, not until you are a wee bit older buddy.

But egg shaped sidewalk chalk and hand printed chicks? YES. I have already purchased the plaster of paris and tempura paint.

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