Mothers Day

My Mother’s Day weekend was very nice and relaxing. Alex really came through for me this year via my gift and time spent. All I requested was a card and some “quality family time” on Saturday without really specifying what that meant. That usually means disaster in our house. But no, he got up with Zach (to go get my card and gift), I went to yoga and then met them up at the Mad Potter to paint pottery. Alex thought us “doing arts and crafts” together would be good “quality family time” for me. I loved it!
Sunday we went to Ouise’s table (where we have been for the past 3 mother’s days) with Liv, Vince, Dave and Tami. Oh and a weird concrete dog that the hostess put in a chair next to Zach. Apparently he really liked it when it was by the front door so she brought it to sit with us. It was super weird. But Zachary loved it.

Head Cracking

Easter morning before our own hunt we went to our friend’s Scott, Jen and Tyler’s house so Tyler and Zach could hunt “together”. The hunt was pretty standard: both boys going different directions, stepping on and over eggs, various fits about wanting to open the eggs THIS SECOND, etc. But at the end sweet Grandpa Bruce let the boys crack confetti eggs on his head. For a very long time. I obviously found it hi-larious and had to shriek like a hyena in response. Many, many apologies for that.

Teacher Gifts

I can’t believe the school year is almost over. It seems to have snuck up on me again this year. I guess becuase since he is in year round school I don’t really think about having a hard “end”. But starting in 2 weeks he moves up into his next room.

And that means that I needed teacher gifts for his current teachers. I found a link (that I had saved for a year) for a customized soap pump and loved it.

I knew I had to make these for his teachers and decided that my friend Sonia needed them as well. I found a way to transfer the PDF file to a word doc and added silhouettes that looked like our kiddos.
They turned out so perfectly!! Alex’s initial response did not really convey the enthusiasm I needed…so he had to try about 3 more times to sound excited about soap. But once I told him they cost $2 each he got much, much more excited.

Older and Wiser

Similar to last year, Zachary had a bunch of practice egg hunting to get him ready for the big day. I am pretty sure he was not convinced that the other 4 times he hunted eggs were any better than the finale.

Of course Easter morning did come with gifts of candy, a trip to Church (with “everyone AND Jesus”, he kept saying) and a lawn mower that blows bubbles. I am not sure why he looks highly put-out in these pictures, it could have just been one of his off days. You know how mini-dictators are.

The Walls (plus Great-Grandma Rowena) were there for all the fun and thank heavens. I was highly uncomfortable so Liv ushered me off for a nap as soon as lunch was done. Then she and Rowena did all our laundry while Vince and Alex entertained Zach. I might have started crying when I woke up…it was glorious!

And then an angel

Literally the day after I hit “publish” on this post my child decided he was no longer mini-Stalin but in fact an angel. He did not fight me on anything the entire afternoon. We went to the park, he played and ran and smiled. He came inside when I said so, laughed and chatted while he ate all his dinner and practically skipped to the bath. We held hands through dinner and he petted Norman and asked if Norman could play baseball with him. I was just so thankful for this turn of events, I might have held my breath all night.

It is highly possible though that he just wanted to make me look like an ass for my mean blog post.

Either way I don’t care. I AM an ass for detailing his faults, but that is how I deal and don’t explode. If didn’t love him so much and try to be an excellent mom, I would not feel guilty that I cannot enjoy him when he is joining me in the bathroom to instruct me on what exactly I am to do. Oh and to invite the dog in as well.
But I digress…this sweet streak went on for 2 days and it was HEAVEN. I got to enjoy my child and his sweet words, songs and self. Here he is doing one of my favorite things. Even when he is mini-dictator he always takes his breathing medicine like a champ. And while singing the ABCs.

2 Months to Go

Yet again there has been a lag in my blogging due to this pregnancy. Luckily, nothing serious at all, just seriously annoying. This baby seems big to me and is sitting on things like blood vessells and pelvises that make me highly uncomfortable. You know who else is sitting on things that make me uncomfortable? Zachary.
He is still not on board with the whole I really can’t hold him thing. He throws a fit about it every other day at daycare  (Hold you Mommy! Hold you!) but I am standing my ground. Well most of the time.
Anyway, I am 8 months pregnant now which means Baby Wall is about 4 lbs (allegedly. I swear they really can’t tell) and 16 inches long. Apparently we are “headed into a growth spurt”. Terrifying. I don’t need any more growth. I have already grown to the weight I was when I stopped looking at the scale while pregnant with Zachary.
Baby Wall is also very, very active. Much more active than I remember his/her brother being. Baby likes to be busy at 5am and 11pm, but also all the random times. If you push down on the top of my belly the kicks start immediately. He/she does not appreciate people getting into his/her space. Zachary did this same thing which I love.

Nothing beats a slide

While Alex and I took a quick vacation to Florida before baby #2 arrives, Zach stayed with the Walls and had some serious fun. He really wanted to go swimming in the big pool, but it was still a little bit cold so he settled for this mini-pool. I am surprised he has not requested the same with our slide.