2 Months to Go

Yet again there has been a lag in my blogging due to this pregnancy. Luckily, nothing serious at all, just seriously annoying. This baby seems big to me and is sitting on things like blood vessells and pelvises that make me highly uncomfortable. You know who else is sitting on things that make me uncomfortable? Zachary.
He is still not on board with the whole I really can’t hold him thing. He throws a fit about it every other day at daycare  (Hold you Mommy! Hold you!) but I am standing my ground. Well most of the time.
Anyway, I am 8 months pregnant now which means Baby Wall is about 4 lbs (allegedly. I swear they really can’t tell) and 16 inches long. Apparently we are “headed into a growth spurt”. Terrifying. I don’t need any more growth. I have already grown to the weight I was when I stopped looking at the scale while pregnant with Zachary.
Baby Wall is also very, very active. Much more active than I remember his/her brother being. Baby likes to be busy at 5am and 11pm, but also all the random times. If you push down on the top of my belly the kicks start immediately. He/she does not appreciate people getting into his/her space. Zachary did this same thing which I love.

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