And then an angel

Literally the day after I hit “publish” on this post my child decided he was no longer mini-Stalin but in fact an angel. He did not fight me on anything the entire afternoon. We went to the park, he played and ran and smiled. He came inside when I said so, laughed and chatted while he ate all his dinner and practically skipped to the bath. We held hands through dinner and he petted Norman and asked if Norman could play baseball with him. I was just so thankful for this turn of events, I might have held my breath all night.

It is highly possible though that he just wanted to make me look like an ass for my mean blog post.

Either way I don’t care. I AM an ass for detailing his faults, but that is how I deal and don’t explode. If didn’t love him so much and try to be an excellent mom, I would not feel guilty that I cannot enjoy him when he is joining me in the bathroom to instruct me on what exactly I am to do. Oh and to invite the dog in as well.
But I digress…this sweet streak went on for 2 days and it was HEAVEN. I got to enjoy my child and his sweet words, songs and self. Here he is doing one of my favorite things. Even when he is mini-dictator he always takes his breathing medicine like a champ. And while singing the ABCs.

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