Older and Wiser

Similar to last year, Zachary had a bunch of practice egg hunting to get him ready for the big day. I am pretty sure he was not convinced that the other 4 times he hunted eggs were any better than the finale.

Of course Easter morning did come with gifts of candy, a trip to Church (with “everyone AND Jesus”, he kept saying) and a lawn mower that blows bubbles. I am not sure why he looks highly put-out in these pictures, it could have just been one of his off days. You know how mini-dictators are.

The Walls (plus Great-Grandma Rowena) were there for all the fun and thank heavens. I was highly uncomfortable so Liv ushered me off for a nap as soon as lunch was done. Then she and Rowena did all our laundry while Vince and Alex entertained Zach. I might have started crying when I woke up…it was glorious!

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