Mothers Day

My Mother’s Day weekend was very nice and relaxing. Alex really came through for me this year via my gift and time spent. All I requested was a card and some “quality family time” on Saturday without really specifying what that meant. That usually means disaster in our house. But no, he got up with Zach (to go get my card and gift), I went to yoga and then met them up at the Mad Potter to paint pottery. Alex thought us “doing arts and crafts” together would be good “quality family time” for me. I loved it!
Sunday we went to Ouise’s table (where we have been for the past 3 mother’s days) with Liv, Vince, Dave and Tami. Oh and a weird concrete dog that the hostess put in a chair next to Zach. Apparently he really liked it when it was by the front door so she brought it to sit with us. It was super weird. But Zachary loved it.

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