Countdown is On

Today is my last days of work and we only have 3 more weeks until Baby Wall arrives!

Alex and I went to the doc on Monday for our final ultrasound and the baby looks huge. It is not, but considering the last time we saw him/her on the monitor his/her tiny body filled the screen. Now it just the head. Taking up the entire space. I am highly thankful I am having another C-section.

Per the measurements taken by the ultrasound tech, the baby is measuring a good week/two weeks ahead. I can confirm this by my excessive girth. With that info in hand, we decided to schedule the birth for July 7th. And by ‘we’ I mean Alex and I. Actually really just Alex. He had it all worked out – the 7th is far enough from the 4th to not have to share the holiday but I don’t want to be in the hospital over the weekend if at all possible and the 7th is a Thursday so I will be home by Sunday.

When my doc came in to see us I told her that we had a date and were ready to schedule the surgery. Here is how the conversation went:
Me: “Hi Dr. Faro! So I need to go ahead and schedule my C-section and we have a date picked out.”
Alex: “Kinsey! Isn’t the doctor supposed to tell us when we will schedule the due date?”
Dr. Faro (as she leans around me to look at Alex): “Usually. But with your wife, no.”
Back to me she says: “So tell me when you want to have this baby?”
I love her.

Baby Wall was not cooperating with a profile or 3D picture but we did get this super cute (though fuzzy) image of him/her grabbing its foot. Being the carrier, I do not appreciate this type of movement as this baby moves all.the.time and big movements, like the one below. Reassuring, yes. Comfortable, no.

One thought on “Countdown is On

  1. So glad everything is going well even if you didn't go with my birthday (the 13th) for his/hers! I'll be checking for updates like crazy starting on the 7th:)

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