Honeybees say Buzzzz

The first day of June is annual “move up” day at Zach’s school, meaning he goes from being a Bluebonnet (18mos to 2 years) to a Honeybee (2-3 years). There was significantly less change with this move versus last year when he went from sleeping in a crib to sleeping on a mat and sat at a table to eat his lunch rather than in his own chair. He took to this his new room placement pretty well. He was a bear that entire week for me….but his teachers said he was delightful and very polite. 
Last week he said to me in the car, “Mommy, Honeybees say buzz!”. I asked if they did that when they walked around the school and he said only when they go outside. He does still call it “Miss Renee’s class” but he does seem to know that is where he belongs. 
Just for my fun, here are all the pics of Zach on his first day of school.
2009 – I die. Where is this sweet, chubby boy?? 

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