Pop Pop Game

On one of the blogs I read, linked to this game, which Zach calls the Pop Pop Game. The game is really for older kids, as they are supposed to draw cards or roll dice and then jump on the appropriate letter/number/shape. I made it work for a 2 year old by making cards with a picture of the shape in the color it was on the floor and the numbers 1-5. Using an old piece of bubble wrap I had laying around I glued the pieces to it, cut them out and let him go. He now plays the game on his own, which mainly means he jumps on the pieces saying “Square!”, etc. 
I think I will make him another set in a few months with more numbers and letters. He is pretty good with numbers but he only knows the letter Z. Which I take FULL credit for since I cut his bread pieces into the letter Z. And I need to know that I have taught him more than saying “Come on people!” in the car and “Are you serious?” to random people in the grocery store. 

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