Love for now

Here are the three stages of Zach’s interest in James:
Stage One: I LOVE my brother, what is he doing? “Why is he doing that? Look at his tiny feet! These are his tiny ears Mommy!”

Stage Two: Can I squeeze his head? Can I poke his eyes? What if I pat him just a little too hard….people will just think I am being sooo sweet. Until they get a look at the mischief in my eyes.

Stage Three: And he is done. Something else has caught his eye and he is off. Luckily my sister was there to catch James as he rolled him off his lap. 

Baby Brother

I am trying really hard to not include Zach in every single post about James. I finding it very hard in real life and in my blog life. We want to compare James to Zach at every turn. Does he look like Zach? Does he eat like Zach? I don’t remember Zach doing that? etc.

As someone told me before I had James – you are going to have another little person, not another Zach. But how do you keep them separate, especially before James has his own personality that is shown? I am working on it…

But since we are speaking of Zach, I will continue. He is doing pretty well adjusting to his little brother. He runs to see him each morning and each day after school. We completely do NOT trust him in the slightest, but so far he has not shown any real aggression towards James. Speaking as someone who tried on multiple occasions to suffocate her sister – I am sure this is just the calm before the storm.

But for now he likes to be close to James and to have James participate in things with him. Such as when he decided to crawl underneath James’ bed and “work” on his bassinet. James slept through the loud, loud drilling on the bottom of his bed. One of the reasons I like this bed (Thank you Mimi!) is that it is too tall for Zach to reach inside. Well, unless Zach gets his stool, which of course I did not think of until he did.

 Working, working, drilling, hammering
Precious baby did not even stir. This will be his life for good and for bad. 
He will not know a time when someone was not trying to “fix” his bed
or his pacifier or his blanket. 

The newest Little Wall

James Wall joined our family at 6:59am on Thursday, July 7th. He was 7lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long. He is just the most precious baby and we are loving getting to know him. Here is what we know so far:
1. He poops a lot. And I mean a lot.
2. He looks just like his brother did at his age.
3. He has blue eyes that are not super dark so I am keeping my fingers crossed they stay blue.
4. He has excellent hearing and jumps at loud sounds. I am certain in our house he will get over this quickly.
5. He is perfect and adorable and completely kissable.

We have been home a week and so far so good! He is sleeping about as much as can be expected and eating like a champ. We feel so blessed and lucky to have him here safe and sound.


Zach walked into the kitchen, where I was making his breakfast, and said “I ready for school, Mommy!”. And he looked like this:

No shirt, khaki shorts and that hair. What the world happened in his bed last night??? It took three swipes with a wet comb to get it down.

And I specifically heard his father negotiating with him that Zach did not have to wear a shirt to eat breakfast but going to school shirtless was not an option. Apparently Zach choose to not hear that last part.