What’s in a name?

Many people were surprised when James was born that he was named James. Why? Two reason really. 1. we could never agree on a boy name which is very unlike us, and 2. the boy name we came closest to agreeing on was not James but Tate.

About two days before the birth Alex decided he was really not set on Tate. He tried to bring up some of his old standbys such as Terrance, Lionel and James Joseph. I said we should just wait until the baby was born, maybe it would be a girl and this all would have been pointless (I should have heard God laughing at that), but Alex was determined to go to the hospital with a name for both genders.

Finally around 7pm the night before he was born, I said I was pulling the uterus card – I had carried this baby for 10 months (very uncomfortably) and I will be the sole source of sustenance for said baby, for months and therefore was only accepting the following name options, listed in no particular order:
Tate Joseph Wall
James Wall
Anderson Joseph Wall

I didn’t care which one, I liked them all but NO OTHER NAMES WOULD BE CONSIDERED. He took about a 30 minute bike ride and came back with James Wall. Alex picked up on what Lauren and I did not, with that name each boy would share a middle name with one parent. And here he is.

I think he could look sort of like a Tate, but technically he looks like every other 6 week old so we could call him Manuel, Michael or Xavier. But he is our sweet baby James for now and always. 

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