Look alike

So in addition to not making girls, Alex and I apparently make one kind of boy baby. They have very round (with a hit of the oval to come) shaped heads, big eyes that start off blue, tiny chins and chubby cheeks. 
When James was born Alex (and my doctor) commented how much he and Zach looked alike as newborns. I, being the all knowing mother, completely disputed this fact as this was James! He is his own person, how could he be anything but? Then the drugs wore off and I saw what they see. 
Mini-Walls. Both of them.
See if you can tell them apart:

                             Baby A                                                                         Baby B
Perhaps a profile would be clearer?
Baby A
Baby B

 Let’s see a full body view:

Baby A
Baby B

If you guessed that Baby A was Zachary and Baby B was James then you are right! While they are not identical they really do bear a striking resemblance to each other that even I admit now. And since I thought Zach was the cutest thing in the world, that is lucky as I feel the same way about James.

2 thoughts on “Look alike

  1. At least one was a winter baby and one a summer baby. You should be able to tell their adorable baby pictures apart by the clothes if nothing else! And they truly are sweet, sweet babies!

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