Splash Day

Back when I was giant and pregnant at the end of June, I was also out of my mind as I volunteered to be the parent helper at Zach’s school’s Splash Day. Splash Day is basically just a day where they wear their swim suits and run through slip n slides and blow up pools. I wanted to do it as I was already on leave and obviously don’t get to do these things when I work.

But oh was it hot. Not as sweltering as now…but still plenty hot. And having James kicking in my belly and heating me up was not helping. But Zach was thrilled I was there – and truthfully I was too! I just had to go home and elevate and rest for the rest of the day. It was at 10:15 in the morning.

 This is Zach’s girlfriend Abby. Obviously he likes her as 
she was the only girl in a two piece.

Since I am too lazy to have a towel with Zach’s name on it,
he uses one from when I was little with my name on it.

Last picture of me before James was born. 
I am just going to pretend I looked better in real life.
Feel free to do the same.

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