2 Months

Keeping with the trend of doing things before his big brother, James has gone ahead and chubbed up faster too. Check out those thighs and double chin! I would like all that chub to help him sleep more at night….

He has started to smile but it is hard to catch. He is super smiley first thing in the morning, sometimes working in a little giggle. He really is a happy, fun baby. He is very alert the one hour out of 3 that he is awake. He likes to sit in his papasan bouncer (that doesn’t bounce anymore) and watch Zach eat dinner or chat with me while I check email. But he really prefers for you to hold him and talk to him – who doesn’t? He has started to move his mouth like he wants to talk and make little cooing sounds. He still has blue eyes and crazy long eyelashes. It looks like he is using Latisse.

We love him to pieces, I can’t stop kissing and squeezing him. Even big brother Zachary who, when I told him to get off his brother as he was squishing him told me, “Mommy I am a blanket and James is cold.” What can I say to that?

Obviously I said, “get off your brother”, but metaphorically speaking it was sweet.

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