One of the many quandaries related to having two children is the issue of strollers. Do I need a double and if so, what kind? I covet a double BOB jog stroller (I have been known to say that is the reason for me having another baby) but do I really NEED it, especially since we don’t leave the house in the 100+ degree heat that has finally broken? Should I just get another umbrella stroller and attach it to my current on?

Enter the Orbit Sidekick. I am borrowing my sister’s Orbit G2 stroller, which I “suggested” she purchase and I just knew with as fancy as it is, it had  to have some sort of toddler attachment or way to make it a double stroller. Sure enough they make a “Sidekick” which is basically a skateboard attached to the wheel of the stroller, complete with handle for the child to hold onto. Just the coolness of this alone made me buy it. And the irony that James is in fact Zach’s sidekick is not lost on me as well.

Zach loves it. He thinks he is so big riding his skateboard and he gets just as much attention as James when we go places. He was uncertain at first as you can see from the video of our test run, but has embraced it now. My sister questioned if I had in fact done this myself, which she would not put past me to some how rig a skateboard to her stroller. I reassured her that no, it is an actual product and totally removable too.

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