My Big Boy

I feel the 2.5 year age is so good and so bad at the same time. I have been describing my time in the afternoons/evenings with both boys the same way. There are some truly sweet moments where I have to grab my big boy and hug him, or laugh at the things that are coming out of his mouth. Then there are the moments where I want to yell “Why do I have all these children??”. And by “want to yell” I mean that I do. Well I don’t yell, but I do say it under my breath. Or in my closet.

But in general I am so in love with the original little Wall right now. Zach is still talking up a storm and I need to start taping him or at least writing down the things he says. Usually he delivers them in a very serious manner. Like when I laughed at something he said, he giggled and told me “I am funny, Mommy.” Or when I catch him imitating me (without realizing he is doing it) by telling James, “Your big brother is riiiiiiight here, James.” And then shhushing him like we do when James is fired up. The other day he told his Ollie that she could put the extra pretzels in the pantry “…if you like”.

Most of the things he does/says I know without a doubt are only funny to Alex and me (well and maybe to his grandparents). So it is these moments when Alex and I are laughing at/with him that I feel like a family. These are the little things that you look back on and talk about when they will say “When I was little” and Alex and I will say “Remember when Zach/James…”. These are the moments that make up their childhoods. And of course I try to get all weepy about it (hormones I tell you) and ruin the moment.

One thought on “My Big Boy

  1. Richard is always going, “Oh, Richard” whenever he does something wrong.

    And today when Merrick was screaming in the car, Richard kept saying, “Merrick's crying, Mama. Merrick is crying.” I wanted to yell, “I KNOW, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT??”

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